Friday, December 29, 2006

S. K . Warne - Cricket will miss you mate!

Another sports quote from yours truly - thought that I will pay tributes to one of the sports' most colorful personalities - Shane Warne.

Its been a privilege of the highest order to just watch the man weave his magic on unsuspecting victims - read batsman - ala guinea pigs before they become the next discovery or the next find of the century.

I still remember the Old trafford incident when a certain great Mike Gatting was flummoxed by 'The Ball of the Century', a delivery that defied all possible laws of physics and deified him right there! The man almost lived in a purple patch all through his cricketing career, never a dull moment, always committed, and a complete team player. Sadly Life is known as a great leveller and his personal life balanced it and his happiness was more on the field than off it.

His career is now drawing to a close and there must be millions who will want to thank him for making cricket as exciting as it is now, and for filling the game with flamboyance, committment and pure unadulterated class! So many budding cricketers who wanted to pick up leg spin bowling only because of the glamor that one man brought to the game- His career will soon be over, but the legacy he leaves behind,

Will never be !

Saturday, December 09, 2006

What if God was one of us?

Thats a stupefying question isnt it?

Seriously, if this was true, there would be so many questions in our mind

Let me give you the excerpts of this Joan Osbourne song

What if God was one of us
Just a slob like one of us
Just a stranger on the bus
Trying to make his way home

What if, he was the guy who suddenly braked right in front of you and you slam into his car screaming out profanities?

What if, he is your local cafetaria vendor, handing out snacks to you with a smile?

What if, he actually is Saurav Ganguly (no specific loyalties to the man: but respect his cricketing skills) coming back into the Indian cricket team?

It is difficult to answer such questions, at a time when some people are confirmed atheists, some devoted believers and some who believe in the supreme existence of the almighty - as an envelope, not as a body.

But for a moment, assuming, that he/she is a body - the most difficult question would be to know who is God??
From billions of living individuals, how does one know, that this is God.
We are not in an age, where God would display his true picture to the one who penanced, or begged for forgiveness..

Or as said in the scriptures, God is in us, with us, so God is not 'one' of us as Joan Osbourne says, God is 'all' of us.

Food for thought?

Quarky meets Poddy

It is about time for a new character to enter our lives, Quarky and me have been traveling places - landscapes, valley crossings, jungles and have had a good time. We ve met many people in our journeys,but none who caused as much an impact as this man we are going to describe.

His name is Poddy- a thin lean guy like me and we share similar tastes. Both of us love music- sorry , we live music.
He came into our lives a week back, and since then it has never been the same.Life is now more musical, more upbeat and more plugged. I just have to ask him to sing a song for me and he does that with no hesitation.

Quarky loves Poddy too.. Quarky tells him stories of his erstwhile merman life and how the aqua world was his own and how he killed an eel out of sheer bravado when it tried to kill his folks. - And Poddy sings him songs, enacts movies - loud, happy and living his life on his own terms. The two buddies have now become the most inseparable duo, we have known. Now I am not lonely when I drive, Poddy is there with me. And in spite of being the most technologically advanced among his generation - he is as humble as me [:D] No chest beating, no false ego.

Long live Poddy

P.S. Poddy is my new I-Pod