Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Another soccer post from me today.
Its been fascinating to watch the soccer world cup unfold. Big teams unfurling their skill on smaller hapless teams.
Some smaller teams fighting it out till their last breath not giving up at all.And some biggies showing some carelessness, some arrogance and being thrown out of the ultimate prize in soccer history.
It must certainly be a super feeling to be a part of the crowd at Germany, a feeling no less than stepping on the moon for me! , But i must say its only a slightly lesser feeling in being a part of the tournament as a TV viewer, one of 3 billion enthusiasts
The national anthem is one proud moment for any player. Any patriot will rise to the ocassion that the stage demands - living up to the expectation of the entire country may be a huge task - but just being a part of the chosen few to represent the country and to make them proud is an incredible feeling.
If you ask me, the team of my choice - I have this to say
"Heart says england and Head says Brazil"
Brazil so far have played some delightful Sambatronics in patches and have looked just good enough to win their matches. - (At the time of writing this post Brazil have reached the quarter finals).But then this is the scary part isnt it? Without breaking a sweat , they have defeated the opposition and its the fact that they can play better - much better is what worries me! Will a semifinal showdown between Brazil and England (its possible, the way the draw is shaping up) Will it be a teary day again for me? After all, I cannot forget that fateful quarter-final where Ronaldinho killed David Seaman and England with a blistering kick and of course - killed my hopes too -
But I hope this edition is different. after all a team has to have an off day isnt it? an off-tournament and i shall pray and hope that this tournament is not Brazil's but ENGLAND'S.

Just a thought on a great debate that is brewing."Who is a better guitarist- Mark Knofler or Eric Clapton"
I read about this somewhere and could not help but add my views. It is a difficult choice surely.Its like asking me if u d like a sapphire or an emerald - or whether you like your father or your mother.:)Very bad analogies - but anyways Here s what i feel-
If Mark Knofler and Eric Clapton run a 100 metre dash, it will be a photo finish with Mark edging out Eric by 1 millionth of a second. Well there you have it! Knofler is better than Clapton but only just. - for me that is -
But both of them have enchanted me with some captivating strumming. Their guitaring i guess cannot be compared. They have different styles. Clapton plucks more and Marky uses his thumb more - i may be wrong - but thats how I see them at work.Clapton sings better, but Knofler was never a singer who strums, he s a guitarist who also sings - or for that matter - speaks his songs. but I love his songs too. 'Romeo and Juliet' is my all time Knofler favourite.And Clapton who by the way is also known as Slowhand since he normally breaks the guitar strings as he performs.and then replaces the strings as the crowd clap their hands slowly...
I d like to clap for him too, for all of his songs, especially for my favourite clapton song - 'Tears in Heaven'
They both rock for me!

England lifting the World cup of football - Year 1966

Will it happen again??

Sunday, June 25, 2006

With the soccer season in full swing now, i dedicate all my sleepless soccer nights to the skill, technique, pace, stamina, guile and the will to win of the socceroos.
My wishes to the underachievers - england.
Wish that D. Becham lifts the Jules Rimet trophy