Sunday, July 01, 2007

Control + S

The other day, I was watching a computer game review show where they were reviewing the different games currently in the market. They had different varieties of games where people could muscle their way through, guns in hand or would race their way ahead with the best car of the lot.

Its a great way to live your life, isnt it? Fight your problems the best way you know, the daredevil approach. Face it head on and destroy your opposition. If there is something/someone troubling you, just pull out your .32 bore pistol and shoot the problem down. Now there is another thing to this. If the opposition kills you/wounds you, you just go back to the menu and reload from the previous saved version of the game and begin bam! bam! again.

How wonderful it would be if I could stretch this concept to real life. if I could Control+ S my life and blast my way ahead and not worry if my choices are irrational or outright silly. I could rewind and come back to the last saved version and nothing would ever go wrong, I d be in control.
Picture this! I have 10 minutes to reach a place and I am late. (The usual thing with me, you d say!) And I cannot miss this appointment and cannot be late. What would my normal course of action be? Practice an imploring line and beg for forgiveness for being late. Sounds wise? I d have rather driven my pulsar at 120 kmph through busy traffic screaming past citizens and vehicles alike. And if d hit a rampaging truck, I d do a reload and from the saved version, roadrash my way again.

But then there is one thing to note here. When you age, they say you become wiser and smarter and cleverer since you experience life, commit mistakes, suffer setbacks and learn. Learning makes a man wiser and such issues do not worry him anymore. He knows it from his previous lessons. So a Control + S may not teach you much. It may entertain you but not enrich you. Which is probably why, we d say - Life 's much more than a game.

The Hour Glass.

Sometimes I wonder who is your greatest strength and at the same time is your greatest weakness. Is it your confidence, your loved ones, your will ? At this point my mind is a little biased, My answer is Zeit or Time.

It can be your greatest strength if you can master it. befriend it and respect it. It can be your greatest weakness if you dont. But what should happen, if you befriend and respect it and understand it's value but you cannot master it. We are mere mortals and only incarnations would possibly hope to master it. But is being a good slave, an obedient one a bad thing at all? It should not be, isn't it? . But Hell! It is. The moment you are a slave of time,the word suddenly highlights itself like this - SLAVE.

There have been so many times that I have wondered, how did God come up with this 24 hour day algorithm and why didnt someone review his code and change the duration?
To say - 72 hours? Would I have mastered time then? Maybe not. I would still be upset that I cannot fit in what I want to, and keep praying that the sand from the hour glass falls slowly, But the sand granules rush through the small neck and Voila! A days is over and there are many things undone. Where you d want to take more care of your loved ones, work more for them, make them feel more special than they feel right now, do things close to your heart. Look at the azure sky and breathe a few breaths without having to think if this will compromise on the time meant to do something else.

All right! Enough said. So what do I do then? There is something called Zeit or Time management in which I would score zilch out of hundred seven days a week and twice on Sundays. I guess, am being harsh on myself, am not so worse off, But then if a diplomat would graciously address my concerns he would probably say ' A Development Area'. How I wish I could have various forms and each form could be assigned a role which would mean, My scheme of things would fit in Gods 24 hour algorithm. Or If I could live life by the Clock and not by my heart. Since both these options hit the wrong answer light: there is something which I ll have to do to conquer Time. I ll have to sharpen my will and will need to balance all types of food in smaller quantities, will need to find a way to eat a spoonful of each kind of food than eating a bowl of one and missing out on the other since I have no room. Will need to break my tasks into smaller chunks and try and get all tasks enough small chunks in a day. There is a saying that goes like this " Life s battles are not won by the faster or stronger man, but sooner or later the man who wins is the man who thinks he can. I think I can. One day! someday!