Sunday, August 12, 2007

The P-F-D Bell

During an afternoon slumber after an unusually heavy meal, I slipped into the dream zone, and was reading an inscription on a huge tower.
It read like this!

Ambition.. Whatever you do - go all out in doing it.
Half hearted attempts only waste time. Do not try - Do it.

Discipline yourself. - Everything needs to happen at a correct time and in a correct way.

Prioritize tasks.. - Some tasks are more important than the others and need to be done , regardless of the mood, will etc.

One task cannot take the time slotted for the other. - Once in a task , keep in mind that there are other things to be done and the earlier work has to stop.You cannot be an engine that takes hours to start and hours to stop.

Start and stop at an instant..

Forget the bullock cart - Become the jet plane. Do not wait for things to happen, make things happen.

Understand that there are some things that will happen at a later time. Do not fret over something that you want to do now, which will happen eventually later. There is a time for everything. and once you have set your priorities right, you will realise that the things that you missed out were not actually missed out, but were only a little later on the priority list.

Do not get miffed by things not going your way, things have a way of sorting out all by itself, if you give it a chance, if you meddle you can make it more difficult to resolve. If you have to take steps towards an issue, there will be some task that will present itself before you.

If too many things occupy your mind, breathe slowly and get one thought out at a time. Anything that happens in a fit of anger or stress will not be a good outcome.

No tasks come at a higher priority than health. In good health anything can be done.

Focus on a task at hand. When on a task, the integrity on that task should be unwavering.

Kill out multitasking. Understand that even when you multitask- for a small instance of time, you are doing only one thing. Concentrate on that one thing and do it well.
Multitasking kills concentration, it kills focus. Work on one thing and do it well.

Become the Jack of all trades and master of most.

Imbibe the P - F - D principle.

Prioritize every task you have. at every single point in time.
Always uni task, dont multi task, If there are 10 things you need to do, think which one is the most important at a current point in time, and understand why that task is the most important at that point. Once the understanding is clear. the importance of the task becomes clear and you would be able to devote more energy to it.

Once the task is decided according to the priority, ---

Focus. - Concentrate, become the magnifying glass and burn the task apart.
When on the task you should see only the task.
No way should you be looking elsewhere.

Look at the way Nadal plays his tennis. He has a single minded goal of winning.
You should not be thinking of your other goals while working on a current goal.
That will only make your job harder. Look at your goal only and then you ll find that the destination is one straight road rather than a crossroad of multiple highways.

Once the Focus is there - You need Discipline to finish it in the time that you decided. If there is no discipline , any task will go on for ever and then there will be no value if the task was finished or not.

Here You have to take special efforts to make sure that you keep your time lines correct. Time is the most important part in the Discipline wheel. If you respect it, your task will happen beautifully, else, they will only happen. If you are taking the effort, you d also want the dividends. You dont cut open a juicy apple only to test your strength. Results matter.

At difficult moments, when all seems lost and the will seems broken, keep the faith.
Have hope, since that can get you out of your greatest despair.
With hope your perspective changes, the half empty glass seems half full.

Believe in yourself,trust yourself, you can do it only if you yourself believe in it.

When you begin a task thinking that it is a priority and you need to do it,
ensure that you have the focus and the discipline to finish it and finish it the way you desired. Not the way it finally turns out.

Once you have made up your mind about something, do not look back on it and circumspect. Firmness is an important part of a great personality.
Think twice before committing. But once you have committed, there is no looking back.

Relate this entire anthem as a bell that keeps ringing for you and keeps reminding you to work hard. Only if you can keep this bell ringing, can you be successful in life.

Yeaaaaaaaaaaoooooooooaaaaaaaaaaah! With a groan resembling a wild boar, I woke up and stretched about, The dream was still vividly imprinted in my mind.

As I slipped out of bed and watched the sun set from my balcony - I just hoped then, that this dream stays on with me for ever.

P - F - D