Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Punefied Unification.

This is a story of 2 ducks - Tilu and Dilu. They were well known in the ducking circles -- whatever that means -- as cheerful and unique. They had this awesome friendship between them and used to go hunting together, eat the fishes together and look at the rainbow together. Tilu was a drake and just like Dilu the duck, was a true vagabond. He loved seeing new places, doing new things and taking care of Dilu. And Dilu was this truely talented duck with artistic hunting talents.She liked Tilu too and they used to happily spend hours together, enjoying the warmth and the fun.
One day, while doing a play at the All Ducks Water Festival titled "When Tilu met Dilu", they realized that there was more to this chemistry, than just buddyship. Both Tilu and Dilu explored this thought further and realized that both of them were in love with each other, love that cannot be measured by their Quackometers. Both of them professed their love for each other and the bliss was there for all at Duckland to see.

Just to complete the story, Tilu and Dilu lived happily ever after.