Sunday, March 27, 2011

An office dinner

For some time now, I used to think that office dinners do not mean anything more than extensions of the same mundane office talk, seeing the same faces which you see every working day 10 odd hours, cutting off time with your own set of friends or your loved ones.

But today was a refreshing change that came about not just in my thoughts, but in the experience too. Some times you need a different company, a new space, a new identity. You need expand the network and understand that the same folks you hang out with, may not always be there, may have different dependencies, different set of people to take care of. This is when you have to break free - so to speak from the comfort zone and seek a new zone. I set out to find a new zone today and it was a refreshing change.

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audi said... is sometimes a grt change to get to know your office folks...I have, in many occasions, learnt something new about my colleague durin an office party or get together...